Issue 17

A special portfolio of stories from Syria, essays on identity and borders, fiction about reincarnation, art, and the Kosovo War, and poems by Bob Hicok, Richie Hofmann, and more.


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“Translation as Art: Against Flattening” by Hisham Bustani (translated by Robin Moger)



Trousseau” by Rowan Beaird
Wild Oranges” by Cleo Qian
The Reincarnates” by Ghassan Zeineddine
Antipode” by River Adams

Arabic Stories from Syria

Border Strip: Three Stories” by Luqman Derki (Translated by Jonathan Wright)
The Memoirs of Cinderella’s Slipper” by Shahla Al-Ujayli  (Translated by Alice Guthrie)
To Be Led from Behind” by Mohammad Ibrahim Nawaya   (Translated by Robin Moger)
Death-Flavored Life: Two Stories” by Raw’a Sunbul (Translated by Alice Guthrie)
The Silence of Fire” by Haidar Haidar (Translated by Jonathan Wright)
Silence” by Odai Al Zoubi (Translated by Robin Moger)
و ” by Colette Bahna (Translated by Robin Moger)
Frozen: Three Stories” by Ibrahim Samuel (Translated by Maia Tabet)


We Shall Be a Country with No History” by Aatish Taseer
The Spirit of Place” by Antonio Romani
Ends of the Earth & Edges of Dream” by Pibulsak Lakonpol (Translated by Noh Anothai)
Travels with Bill” by Marietta Pritchard


How Do You Get to Harlem” by Tyree Daye
Malibu Beach” by Jennifer Jean
Roach” by Elizabeth Metzger
A Pause in the Action” by Bob Hicok
Under Construction” by Bob Hicok
Autobiography” by Matt W. Miller
Horses” by Matthew Gellman
Only the Surface Breaks” by Cally Conan-Davies
You Want Me Daybreak” by Alfonsina Storni (Translated by Nicholas Friedman)
The Life Domestic” by Steve Kistulentz
Homiletic” by Virginia Konchan
Two Plus Two: Four” by Ferreira Gullar (Translated by Ilan Stavans and Tal Goldfajn)
Translation” by Ananda Lima
Dean Says” by Patrick Riedy
The Aladdin Hotel, Woodbourne, NY” by Erica Ehrenberg
Philosophical Flowers” by Richie Hofmann
What My Father Said” by Diana Babineau
Catherine the Great” by Benjamin S. Grossberg
Andromeda Came to the Silver River” by Angie Macri
About the Muses” by Catherine Staples
Life (with Apologies to Chekhov)” by Denise Duhamel
After Watching the Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery” by Donovan Borger
Examples of the Interrogative in Jane’s Kitchen” by Jennifer Habel


Selections from Syria, courtesy of the Hindiyeh Museum of Art

Issue 17