Issue 25

A special portfolio of Arabic fiction from Kuwait, stories set in the USSR during perestroika and on the Texas-Mexico border, essays about romance during Ramadan, and the legacy of artist Marcel Duchamp, and poems by Ricardo Pau-Llosa, Karen Chase, Robert Cording, Tina Cane, and Felice Belle.


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Table of Contents

Arabic Short Stories from Kuwait

The Library” by Nasser al-Dhafiri, translated by Nashwa Nasreldin

The Half-Hearted City” by Bothayna Al-Essa, translated by Sawad Hussain, with art by Zahra Al-Mahdi

A Child Playing Between Checkpoints” by Homoud Alshaiyje, translated by Nariman Youssef

Night of the Mermaid” by Bassam Almusallam, translated by maia tabet

The Human Revealed Unto Himself” by Faisal Alhebainy, translated by Nashwa Nasreldin

Berber Perfumes” by Hooda Shawa Qaddumi, translated by Nariman Youssef

Endless Enclosure and Passing Cloud” by Jassim Al-Shammarie, translated by maia tabet

The Kitchen” by Estabraq Ahmad, translated by maia tabet

Dear Customer” by Basima al-Enezi, translated by Sawad Hussain

From a Distance, He Approaches” by Khalid Al-Nasrallah, translated by Nashwa Nasreldin

Body” by Sulaiman Al-Shatti, translated by maia tabet with Laura Albast


Albatross” by Anna Badkhen

Grace’s Folly” by Jake Lancaster

Invited” by Sean Bernard

Milagro” by Rubén Degollado


Ramadan in Saint-Denis” by Ala Fox

The Story of a Box” by Jeffrey Harrison


Civitella Library, Italian Section” by Diane Mehta

Colony” by Luisa A. Igloria

The Cicadas Are Really Loud” by Eugene Gloria

After the Last Calorie of the Apocalypse / Prayer for the Clinically Obese” by Omotara James

Spa Days” by Keetje Kuipers

The August Story” by Yuliya Musakovska, translated by Olena Jennings and Yuliya Musakovska

A Minor History of Potato Chips” by Tina Cane

Putting Up Fish” by Mistee St. Clair

Postpartum” by Erica Ehrenberg

Madonna Litta” by Frances Richey

On Wariness” by Myronn Hardy

Near Murrell’s Inlet” by Morri Creech

A Pity” by Rebecca Foust

Moving Sale” by Anders Carlson-Wee

Aphorism 57: You Cannot Fail at Being You” by John Blair

Walden” by Stephen Haven

Car Wash, Key Largo” by Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Jack Benny” by Mitch Sisskind

Cures” by Karen Chase 

Forecast” by Brian Komei Dempster

For Acedia” by Robert Cording

Matryoshka in Odessa” by Diane Thiel

Nina and Frida Enter the Chat” by Felice Belle

Closure?” by Christopher Spaide


Contemporary Art Platform: Selections from Kuwait


Issue 25