Issue 8


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The Common Statement” by Jennifer Acker


Reichelt’s Parachute” by Ian Bassingthwaighte

Clouds” by Antonio Tabucchi (Translated by Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani)

Stewardship” by Edmund Sandoval

Dutch Joe” by Terese Svoboda

Caleta Beach” by Nani Power

Am I Speaking to Hyman Roth?” by Antonio Monda

The Dying of the Deads” by Jeff Jackson


Our Poor Perishable World” by Brian Sholis


Death of the Farm Family” by Sarah Smarsh

Talmudic Lesson: God’s Smile” by Ilan Stavans

Stepping Off” by Ralph Sneeden


Untitled” by Tadeusz Dabrowski

The Well” by Tadesz Dabrowski

Untitled” by Tadeusz Dabrowski (All translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones)

Burden” by James Byrne

Burial at Shanidar” by Elizabeth Hazen

Song of Almeria” by John Poch

Phylum” by Larissa Shmailo

Heroin Chic” by Gerry Lafemina

Caged Bird Society” by Gerry Lafemina

Morning Salutation for Joe Brainard” by  R. Zamora Linmark

Homeward” by Robert Cording

Yes or Know?” by Sylvie Durbec

A Little Man” by Sylvie Durbec (Both translated by Denis Hirson)

Wordsworth in Poughkeepsie” by Maceo J. Whitaker

Bratislava” by Mary Jo Salter

What But Dignity in the Vigil” by Stephen Haven

Orderly Squads of Flowers in the Chaos of Existence” by Stephen Haven

Shy Mother” by Jonathan Gerhardson

Dear 2Pac” by Jonathan Moody

Hiking South Mountain” by Cynthia Hogue

Pareidolia” by R. A. Villanueva

Epithalamion, Memorial Day” by R. A. Villaneuva

Trouble on the Road Again” by Ishion Hutchinson

Vers de Societe” by Ishion Hutchinson

Starving the Mustangs” by Elizabeth Metzger

Excoriating Ghosts” by Neil Shepard

The Origamist” by Daniel Tobin

Issue 8