Issue 3


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The Common Statement” by Jennifer Acker


Pierre” by Ishion Hutchinson

A Farther Shore” by Ishion Hutchinson

Dear Johnny, In Your Last Letter” by Angela Veronica Wong

It Can Feel Amazing to Be Targeted By a Narcissist” by Angela Wong and Amy Lawless

The Window” by Miguel-Angel Zapata (translated by Anthony Seidman)

Borges” by Miguel-Angel Zapata (translated by Loren Goodman)

My Parrot Has Died” by Miguel-Angel Zapata (translated by Loren Goodman)

New Hampshire Spring” by Cynthia Hogue

Altars and Flags” by Karen Chase

Cleveland” by Avram Kline

Alphabet of Scratches” by Norman Lock

Alphabet of Torment” by Norman Lock

Love Songs in Winter” by Tess Taylor

Another Woman I Loved” by Curtis Bauer

Salt” by Jane Satterfield

Family of Strangers” by Jane Satterfield

Girl Scouts Visit the FBI, circa 1975” by Jane Satterfield

Meeting Julie Christie at the Flower Booth at the Sunday Ojai Farmers’ Market, August 3, 2003” by Jock Doubleday

Born Still” by Manohar Shetty

Carried Forward” by Manohar Shetty

Flying and You Know He’s Not Coming Down” by Peter Jay Shippy

Western Civilization” by Peter Jay Shippy

Yesterday Will Be Better” by Peter Jay Shippy

Occupation” by Emma Gorenberg

May 5-The Dow Closes Down 8410” by Susan Briante

May 17-The Dow Closes Up 10625” by Susan Briante

October 29-The Dow Closes Down 11118” by Susan Briante

In this Island” by Michael Joyce

Excerpts from The King” by Ben Mazer

At the Busy Intersection” by Victoria Redel

Persephone” by Victoira Redel

A Story with a Crack in It” by Denis Hirson

An All But Empty Set” by Brad Leithauser

From Dear Future Self” by Seth Perlow

Swinging in the Attic” by Rachel Hadas

The Reluctant Traveler” by Rachel Hadas


On and Off the Map” curated by Michael Kelly


Double Life” by Stephen O’Connor

The Amazing Discovery and Natural History of Carlsbad Caverns” by Robin McLean

The Stinker” by Gabriel Brownstein

Boxwood” by Katherine Hill


A Skimpy Primer on Skateboard Wheels” by Bret Anthony Johnston

Tourist Snapshots” by Rolf Potts

Dan McGuire” by Patrick Stine

Issue 3