Issue 4


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The Common Statement” by Jennifer Acker

Poetry: A Selection of Contemporary South African Poetry

Introduction” by Kelwyn Sole

Why I Am Not an Engineer” by Robert Berold

The Light” by Robert Berold

Poet’s Report to FIFA” by Angifi Proctor Dladla

Today I Do Not Love My Country” by Ingrid de Kok

Histoplasmosis: A Guide’s Instructions at the Cave” by Ingrid de Kok

Shards” by Ingrid de Kok

Tin Roof” by Kelwyn Sole

What the Sea Brings” by Kelwyn Sole

Allahabad” by Ari Sitas

A Message Comes In” by Yvette Christiansë

The Secret Lives of Maps” by Yvette Christiansë

Fernão the Gardener Has Premonitions” by Yvette Christiansë

Photographing the Building is Forbidden Until the War is Over” by Karen Press

Thank You Lee Smolin, Thank You Mr. Leibniz” by Karen Press

Farting Knees II: Talking to My Lover” by Makhosazana Xaba

The Window” by Makhosazana Xaba

Widowhood in the Dementia Ward” by Finuala Dowling

Brief Fling in the Dementia Ward” by Finuala Dowling

Odd One Out in the Dementia Ward” by Finuala Dowling

How I knew It Wasn’t Me” by Finuala Dowling

He Pleaded Ignorance” by Kobus Moolman

Hunger” by Kobus Moolman

The Wrist” by Kobus Moolman

If Only the Tswanas Could Dance” by Lesego Rampolokeng

12 Anxieties for April 12th” by Liesl Jobson

What I Should Have Worn at My Wedding” by Liesl Jobson

This is the Sea” by Rustum Kozain

Fog” by Rustum Kozain

City” by Mxolisi Nyezwa

San People” by Mxolisi Nyezwa

New Country” by Mxolisi Nyezwa

From Malikhanye” by Mxolisi Nyezwa

My Intimate” by Gabeba Baderoon

Axis and Revolution” by Gabeba Baderoon

Remembering S-21, Cambodia” by Fiona Zerbst

Volcanic” by Fiona Zerbst

Enough of an Interruption” by Alan Finlay

V.A. Haunted Houseby Khulile Nxumalo

Suspension” by Malika Ndlovu

Alive” by Malika Ndlovu

Next Year I Want to Run the Comrades Marathon” by Vonani Bila

Mandela at 91” by Vonani Bila

The Body” by Haidee Kruger

Writer” by Haidee Kruger

The Other One” by Nadine Botha

Portrait of Our Death” by Katharine Kilalea

A Perfect Love” by Katharine Kilalea

The Way Birds Stand” by Katharine Kilalea

The Archivist” by Genna Gardini


Portraits of Land and Sea” by Amy Sande-Friedman, Bartow + Metzgar, and Peter Matthews


A Place in the Sun” by Jennifer Haigh

Doleo Ergo Sum” by Robert Earle

The Idea of Marcel” by Marie-Helene Bertino

Escapement” by Sunetra Gupta


The Poet in Rome: Richard Wilbur in Postwar Italy” by Robert Bagg

The Land Up North” by Nicola Waldron

Issue 4