Issue 16

A special portfolio of Puerto Rican writers and artists reflecting on Hurricane Maria and its aftermath, an essay on growing up in and growing out of Black churches, fiction about music and families, and a 2018 DISQUIET Prize-winning poem.


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De Puerto Rico: Un año después de la tormenta
From Puerto Rico: One year after the storm

From “Las Pisadas del Insomnio” by Ana María Fuster Lavín (Translated by Jennifer Acker)

To Abandon Paradise” by Ana Teresa Toro

Tonight, the Wind” by Hugo Ríos Cordero

The Burrow” by Tere Dávila

Hurricanes Irma & María in Puerto Rico” by María Luisa Arroyo Cruzado

4,645+” by María Luisa Arroyo Cruzado

Natal Promise, Natal Debt: On the Recent Poetry of Mara Pastor” by Carina Del Valle Schorske (Spanish translation by Nicole Cecilia Delgado)

After the Storm” by Mara Pastor (Translated by María José Giménez)

False Ice Cream Shop” by Mara Pastor (Translated by María José Giménez)

Native Shore” by Mara Pastor (Translated by María José Giménez)

Bounty” by Ricardo Alberto Maldonado

Sofa” Cezanne Cardona Morales (Translated by Curtis Bauer)

Buscando un árbol que me de sombra” by Samuel Miranda

When Weathermen Insist Storms Are Feminine” by Peggy Robles-Alvarado

To the Women Who Feel It in Their Bones” by Peggy Robles-Alvarado

Three” by Christian Ibarra (Translated by Jennifer Acker)

Muerto Rico: The Recent Portraiture Of Adál” by Mercedes Trelles Hernández

Muerto Rico” by Adál

Santurce, un libro mural / Santurce: A Mural Book” Text by Francisco Font-Acevedo, images by Rafael Trelles (Translated by Joan M. Pabón Maxán)

They Won’t Find Us in Books” by Willie Perdomo

We Used to Call It Puerto Rico Rain” by Willie Perdomo

People Who Go to the Beach Alone” by Sergio Gutiérrez Negrón (Translated by Hannah Cook)

“The Puerto Rican Day Parade, Celebrating Heritage in Mourning” by Carmen Graciela Díaz (Translated by María José Giménez)

Hunger’s Pace” by Ana María Fuster Lavin (Translated by Ricardo Alberto Maldonado)

Passageway” by Vanessa Vilches Norat (Translated by Aurora Lauzardo Ugarte)


Baby Was Not Fine” by Mindy Misener

Put-In-Bay” by Shira Elmalich

The History of Sound” by Ben Shattuck


Land Not Theirs” by Madison Davis

Project for a Trip to China” by Lisa Chen


Offstage, Christ” by Kristina Faust

Easter, Bonifacio High Street” by Joseph O. Legaspi

François Villon Begins His Journey” by David Lehman

Review of Dosso Dossi’s Jupiter Painting Butterflies, Mercury and Virtue, 1555” by Amy Lawless and Jeff Alessandrelli

Handwork” by Tina Cane

Ode to the First Boy Who Made Me Feel It” by Dorothy Chan

Invisible” by Sebastian Matthews

Bovine” by Tom Paine

Red Light Roses” by Jill McDonough

In the Wake of a Disaster” by Oksana Maksymchuk

After the War, In the West” by Polina Barskova (Translated by Valzhyna Mort)

The Yoke’s on Us” by Christopher Spaide

On Negative Capability” by John Murillo

On Confessionalism” by John Murillo

Four Skies” by Joanna Klink

Overlook Kentucky” by Rachel Danielle Peterson
Resurrection” by Nathalie Handal

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Issue 16